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Welcome to the home of Abrahall Indrustries, Inc.  Manufacturer and Supplier of the BeerClip.  This product holds a US Patent and is a combination Bottle Opener and Money Clip.  The BeerClip can be custom engraved or laser engraved for corporate or promotional gifts or premiums. To go to the BeerClip website click on the image below.

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Abrahall Coat of Arms Clothing and Goods now available!


Another part of the company is the publishing of the websites www.LIClubs.com and www.DrNewYork.com .  These sites enjoy very good ranking on all the popular search engines and have done so for over 8 years now.

Offering Other Unique Clothing Items and Gifts too!

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Other Abrahalls and their businesses

Abrahalls now have their own brand of hard cider.
Check out the Hedgehog they use in the logo!
Now just waiting on a good Abrahall Beer. 
This is a real product from Celtic Marches.

Dawn Abrahall
Independent Beauty Consultant

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