CHARLES SELLER is an US based descendant of Abrahall living in Pennsylvania who is doing research as well and has provided the information below.  Thank you Charles




ABRAHALL–WAITE and related family lines


I descend from these family lines via my paternal grandmother, Mary Ellen Abrahall Seller.  She was born c.1857/58 in New York City (or possibly elsewhere – there are hints that her birthplace might have been in Canada – whatever the case, I have not found a birth record for her to date).  Mary Ellen died 3/20/1900 in White Plains, NY, the Westchester County seat just north of NYC.  Her parents were Samuel John Abrahall and Anne Waite Abrahall (Anne sometimes spelled Anna in official records)Each of these two individuals was born in England during the 1820s; someplace in Greater London (very possibly Westminster) was almost certainly the location; each emigrated to NYC in the 1830s as children.  At this point I need assistance in obtaining data that connect Samuel and Anne, via their parents, to family lines extending backward from the early part of the 19th century.  Samuel’s parents were William Andrews Abrahall and Mary White Abrahall.  Anne’s were George W(?) Waite and Martha White Waite 



Section 1                                 Samuel John Abrahall                   Anne Waite Abrahall

Birth date & place:                                3/8/1826                                  __/__/c1828-29          

                                                Prob. Greater London              Prob. Greater London


Source :                                   Birthdate listed as part of          Approx birth yr deter-

IGI bapt record at Fam       mined via ages on ship Hist Libr, Salt Lake City.            passngr list + NYC 

                                                Birth yr also determined            marr & death certifs     

                                                via age on ship passngr list           

+ NYC marr & death certifs   


Baptism date & place:               6/25/1837 @ age 11

                                                            St. James, Piccadilly, London                   

                                                            (birth date listed as 3/8/1826)


Source :                                   Fam.Hist.Libr IGI bapt record.

(Samuel’s sister, Mary, age 7,       

                                                            bapt same date & place, & her

birth date listed as 9/30/1830)




Section 1 (continued) Samuel John Abrahall                 Anne Waite Abrahall

Emigr date (London-NYC):         arrv. 12/11/1838 @ age 12           arrv. 5/8/1835 @ age 7

                                                            aboard the ship             aboard the ship

Westminster tog. w/                  Montreal tog. w/

these other Abrahalls:                these other Waites:

Mary, age 34, &                       George, age 56

Mary, age 9                              (tailor) + Martha,

                        age52 &Alfred,age 13



Source :                       ---ship passenger records obtained via          


                                                            Bewildering addl ship passngr data re another 1830s

Waite family emigration from London to NYC:

The ages listed in the Waite family’s ship passngr listing above right correspond exceedingly well w/ the ages on other records I have for the persons listed.  Moreover, the listing of Anne’s father’s occup as tailor reinforces what I received in a 9/8/2007 message from Wesley Waite, who as I am is a US-based Abrahall/Waite descendant.  Wesley said his paternal grandmother told him that “the Waites were tailors from London” before they emigrated to America.  So I’m satisfied that the listing above right is the one approp for this fam hist project.  But in the 1830s ship passngr. records there is a remarkably similar London-NYC listing for a Waite family.  Four of the five given names in this listing are exactly the same as the given names in the listing above right.  Can this be mere coincidence?                                        

                                    Here is the bewildering additional listing:

   A 15-yr-old girl listed as Ann Waite arrv 3/27/1837 aboard the ship St. James tog. w/ these other Waites:         

            George, age 50 (laborer) + Martha, age 45;

Alfred, age 9; & James age 6                                                                       

Marriage date & place:             5/7/1854 @ 26 Rivington St, NYC (Samuel’s residence at the time).  A priest of the Protestant Episcopal Church of the United States – the Church of the Holy Evangelists in Manhattan – performed the ceremony.


Source:                                     NYC register of marriages plus a certif. filled out by the priest given to me by the late Elsie Seller Reed, my deceased father’s youngest sister (their mother was Mary Ellen Abrahall Seller)


Death date & place:                              6/13/1887, NYC                      7/14/1885, NYC

            Source :                                               ----- NYC death certificates -----


Section 1 (continued)             Samuel John Abrahall        Anne Waite Abrahall


                                            Surnames in Anne Waite Abrahall’s journal

                                                                        that may be helpful in tracing her lineage

Among the very few family keepsakes that came to me via my aunt Elsie Seller Reed is a tiny and tattered journal given to her grandmother, Anne Waite Abrahall, when Anne was a young girl in England.  A brief handwritten message on the flyleaf addressed to Anne states that the journal is “the gift of her affectionate aunt (__?__) Maynard (on) March 29, 1835” – the single capital letter preceding the surname, quite difficult to decipher, might be either an S or a J.  The ship carrying Anne and her family to America arrived in NYC on 5/8/1835.  So the aunt’s gift to Anne just 40 days earlier must have been rec’d by Anne shortly before the date she and her family boarded the ship & embarked from London.  Among the few other handwritten entries in the journal, all of them lines of verse, there is one signed “Cousin Sarah” dated “March 30th/35.”  Another (undated) is signed “Cousin Caroline.”  It seems reasonable to assume that the two cousins were the aunt’s daughters and thus also Maynards.   Two other undated entries in the journal are signed “Hester A. Barrington” and “A C Th,” respectively.  Finally, & I believe significantly, there is an entry signed “Mary Abrahall” & dated “Aug’st 3, 1840,” about 20 months following the 12/11/1838 arrival of the Abrahall family in the US but more than 13 yrs prior to the 5/7/1854 marriage of Anne Waite and Samuel John Abrahall.  This is firm evidence that the two families were acquainted well before that wedding, & it could mean that the acquaintance extended back to the yrs before each family emigr. from England – & that they might even have been related in some way, in that White was the maiden surname of both Samuel’s mother and Anne’s mother (see Section 4).                       


Samuel & Anne’s daughter Isabella M(atilda?) Abrahall Seller

Among the children of Samuel John & Anne Waite Abrahall in addn to my grandmother, Mary Ellen Abrahall Seller, was Mary Ellen’s older sister, Isabella.  She married James H. Seller, the older brother of Mary Ellen’s husband (my paternal grandfather, Walter Seller, who like Mary Ellen’s maternal grandfather George Waite was a tailor – so were Walter’s father & grandfather + several of his siblings & cousins, all of them in Arundel & Pulborough, Sussex before some, including Walter & his father, a widower, emigr to NYC in the 1870s).  Though Mary Ellen is not listed in the 1850s NYC registers of birth, Isabella’s birth date & location are – 3/22/1855 at 26 Rivington St, NYC, the address where her parents were married the previous May.  See Section 5 for explanation of why I think awareness of her maiden name – Isabella Abrahall – might help in connecting the Abrahall/Waite family lines in the US to their lineages in the UK.

Section 1 (continued) Samuel John Abrahall                       Anne Waite Abrahall

   /                                            /

        Given names of some of their known grandchildren

The following given names of kwn grandchildren of Samuel & Anne Abrahall may prove to be helpful in the search for UK Abrahall/Waite family lines.  The given names underlined are also given names of known Abrahall/Waite forebears.  The given names underlined & italicized are also given names of individuals representing earlier generations who might have been Abrahall/Waite forebears (see Section 4 for more re this latter group).

The only child known to have been born to James & Isabella Abrahall Seller before she died near San Francisco in 1889 at age 34:

                        George Waite Seller

The nine children known to have been born to Walter & Mary Ellen Abrahall Seller before she died in 1900 at age 42:

                        Walter Percival Seller

                        Anne Martha Seller

                        Jane M__(?)__Seller Platt

            Mary Alice Seller:  the death at 217 Clinton St on 1/22/1854 of baby Alice Abrahall, born 1/18/1853 in “Conn,” is in NYC death records. Parents unfort. not listed. 

                        Frank Alfred Seller

                        Helen Isabella Seller Wright

            Harry William Seller:  a Harry Abrahall is recorded as a witness on the 7/5/1875 NYC marr license of Walter & Mary Ellen Abrahall Seller.  A William Waite whose occup was “painter” appears in a NYC street directory pub 1835-36 (but in no other directory published in that period).  George Waite’s name appears for the first time in the same 1835-36 directory (he & fam arrv. in NYC 5/8/1835), and George’s name is in directories pub in subseq yrs at addresses in the same neighborhood as the one listed for William Waite in 1835-36.

Mortimer Charles Seller:  a Charles Abrahall appears in the 1833-34 directory at exactly the same street address (85 Cedar St) as the address listed for George Waite in the 1835-36 directory.   Charles also appears in the 1834-35 directory as living on Leonard St (no number included); 15 Leonard St is the address listed for William Waite in the 1835-36 directory; Leonard & Cedar streets intersect in the same Manhattan neighborhood. 

Elsie Grace Seller Reed

Frank Albert Abrahall (1864-1917) was the only other child of Samuel John & Anne Waite Abrahall in addn to Isabella & Mary Ellen kwn to have survived beyond childhood.  He was twice married & sired several children.  Evidence indicates that if any of these addl grandchildren of Samuel & Anne were named for forebears, they were probably maternal rather than paternal (i.e., Abrahall/Waite) forebears.

Section 2                                 George W. Waite                               Martha White Waite

      ---The Parents of Anne Waite Abrahall---


Birth date & place:                                __/__/c1779/80,                      __/__/c1782-83,

            Greater London(?)                    Greater London(?)       

Source :                                           approx birth yrs determined via ages on

        ship passngr list + NY census records


Baptism date & place:



Marriage date & place:    ---9/30/1820 @ St. Martin’s in the Fields, Westminster---

            Source :                                        Certif. of marr given to me by the late Elsie

     Seller Reed states that George & Martha were

     “both of this parish”& the marr was “by banns.”

                                                                 Curate:  D Morgan.  Witnesses:  Jn. Taylor &

                                                                  E. (Baythorn?)                                                                                                                               

Emigr date (London-NYC):                  ---arrv 5/8/1835 aboard the ship Montreal tog. w/       

                                                            two children: Alfred, age 13 & Anne, age 7. George

                                                            identified as a tailor age 56 & Martha as age 52.           Source:                            ship passenger records               


Death date & place:                                               ---after 1850, likely in NYC---       

            Source:                                     1850 NY census  records George &

Martha as still living in Manhattan @

ages 71 & 67, respectively.





Section 3                             William Andrews Abrahall               Mary White Abrahall

  ---The Parents of Samuel John Abrahall---


Birth date & place:                    __/__/c1800,                                       __/__/c1800-04,

Greater London(?)                                Greater London(?)


Source:                      Brief NYC newsp obit                   Age listed on ship passngr

listing 65 as his age when            record indic she was born in he died indic. he was born  1804, but age in NY census

                                   c.1790.  But his age listed            records indic she was

in 1840 & 1850 NY census                  born c. 1800-01.

records indic obit incorrectly

listed 65 instead of 55 when he

died.  Assuming 55 is correct,

William’s birth yr was c.1800.

Section 3 (continued)            William Andrews Abrahall      Mary White Abrahall

Baptism date & place:                                                                       Possibly @ St. Luke’s,

           Old Street, Finsbury


            Source:                                                      Fam Hist Libr IGI lists bapts of

   numerous Mary Whites in London

during early 1800s, incl some

  at St. Luke’s, Old Street


Marriage date & place:                 ---7/1/1823 @ St. Luke’s, Old Street, Finsbury---

Source :                                         Parish marr records 1821-24 (p.286), Fam Hist

Libr microfilm state each was “of this parish;”        

1st marr for each; marr “by banns.”  Witnesses’

names difficult to decipher – one might be E__?__ Downey & the 2nd James (Chamberlain or Cheltenham)


Emigr date (London-NYC):                  ---As prev. noted, Mary arrv 12/11/1838 tog. w/ two

Source:                                     children  (Samuel John, age 12, & Mary, age 9). To date no ship passngr listing for William found. 

Conjecture:  he likely emigrated (w/ one or more others?) prior to the kwn 1838 emigr to NYC of Mary & the two children.  See Section 4.


Death date & place:                              Exactly when Mary died is unkwn except that it was in or foll 1860 (she’s recorded in the 1860 NY census as age 60 & living in the NYC household of Samuel John Abrahall, her son).


William died 12/8/1855, NYC, according to a brief obituary in the __/__/1855 issue of the New York Herald.  It states the location was New York Hospital & that “for some years (William) was a schoolmaster at Flushing, L.I.” – i.e., in the town called Flushing located on Long Island.  Flushing is in Queens County, one of five NY counties that are now considered the “boroughs” that comprise NYC, the others being Brooklyn (Kings County), Manhattan, Bronx & Staten Island. 


The following request appears at the end of the obit: “London papers please copy” – an indic. that William was born in – or at least kwn by – others  (incl. relatives?) still living in or near Grtr. London


Section 4                                 NYC Street Directory Data & Related Information


In Section 1, at the end of a sub-section headed “Surnames in Anne Waite Abrahall’s journal. . . .,” I suggest that the Abrahall & Waite families may have been acquainted, or maybe even related in some way, before they left England.  If that was so – and assuming that William Andrews Abrahall did arrv in NYC before the Dec 1838 arrv of his family – perhaps he lived w/ one or more of the indivs w/ the surname Abrahall or Waite who were NYC residents at the time.  These indivs are referred to in Section 1 within the listing of known grandchildren of Samuel John and Anne Waite Abrahall.  The names of these indivs also appear in the listing below.  They were compiled via a review of the NYC street directory collection at the New York Public Library.  Perhaps one or more of the indivs arrived in NYC earlier than William did, or emigrated w/ William.  Except in one instance in 1836-37, the addresses listed for these indivs. are in the same area of Manhattan long kwn as the Lower East Side, where William Andrews Abrahall & his family are kwn to have resided beg. in 1842-43.     


NYC Street Directory listings published in:             Related Information

1833-34:   Charles H. Abrahall, 85 Cedar St*              Pallot’s Marr. Index (1780-

1834-35:   Adeline Abrahall, 65 Franklin St                              1837) lists 1832 marr of

      “          Charles Abrahall, Leonard St**                              Charles Leigh Hoskyns

                                                                                    Abrahall & Adeline Victorine

                                                                                    Porther @ “T M/Bone” (or)

                                                                                    “All Souls???” via lic


1835-36:  George W. Waite, 85 Cedar St*                     Geo.Waite fam arrv NYC 5/8/1835

      “        William Waite, painter, 15 Leonard St**            

        *&** Cedar & Leonard streets intersect              1840 NY census lists a Wm.Waite

           in same NYC neighborhood                    in the age 60-70 category living in

                                                                           Ward 5 of NYC.  Only other indiv

                                                                          in household an unidentified female

                                                                                      in the age 40-50 category



1836-37:    George W. Waite, Jersey City (a community immed opp

Manhattan on the west side of the Hudson River)

1837-38:     George Waite, tailor, 3 Eastclinton Pl

1838-39:                      “                       “

1839-40:                      “                       “                                  

1840-41:     George Waite, tailor, 189 Stanton St

1841-42:     George Waite, tailor, 187 Reade St                      

Usually just the head of household was listed in NYC street directories pub during this period.  As prev noted, on 12/11/1838 William Abrahall’s fam arrv in NYC without him.  Assuming he was liv in a household headed by another, as sugg above, the absence until




Section 4 (continued)      NYC Street Directory Data & Related Information

1842-43 of a street dir. listing for either Wm. or his fam may mean that the fam moved into household where Wm. lived but didn’t “head.” The 1840 NY census does list William Abrahall & his fam as residents of NYC’s 13th ward – the 3 family members are not identified, but the gender & age slots on the census chart fit w/ the genders & ages that would have been Mary’s (William’s wife) & their son’s and daughter’s in 1840.  Curiously, it appears that the 1840 census taker penned in a check mark for William in the age 30-to-40 slot for males but then attempted to erase or blot it out – the mark can still be seen, but only faintly, unlike the check marks for his 3 fam members.  So it could also be that, after their arrv in 1838 & until 1842-43, William’s wife, son & daughter lived in Manhattan but that William, though considered the “head” of their Manhattan household, was present there only intermittently because he was provided schoolmaster lodgings in Flushing, Queens County (as noted in Wm’s obit, he held this position “for some years”).

      As shown below, beg. in 1842-43 directory listings for William do begin to appear:


NYC Street Directory listings published in: 

1842-43:     William Abrahall, oil, 40/42 Clinton St

       “           George Waite, tailor, 189 Stanton St

1843-44:    William Abrahall, oil dealer, 41½ Clinton St

      “            George Waite, tailor, 189 Stanton St

1844-45:     William A. Abrahall, oil dealer, 41½ Clinton St

1845-46:     Willliam A. Abrahall, oil dealer, 479 Grand St

                    George Waite, tailor, 126 Essex St

1846-47 & 1847-48:  ---ditto listings for both William Abrahall & George Waite---

      After 1847-48 there are no more directory listings for George Waite.  He & Martha Waite do appear in the 1850 NY census at the ages of 71 & 67, respectively, w/ George still listed as a tailor.  Given their advanced ages, it could be that after 1847-48 they began living in households headed by others, including eventually their son, Alfred, whose 1835 emigration from London tog w/ them and his sister, Anne, is recorded in the ship passgnr records.  Beginning in 1850-51, a street directory listing for an Alfred Waite appears.  He is identified as a lawyer practicing in Manhattan at 69 Nassau St w/ a residence at 62 King St. 

1848-49:     William A. Abrahall, oil dealer, 479 Grand St

1849-50:             No directory listing for William Abrahall.  However, the 1850 NY census lists William as the operator of a boarding house in which 15 apparently unrelated individuals were living (9 men, 6 women).  Their age range: 17 to 25 (except for two who were older) – 7 were born in NY but the birthplaces recorded for 8 were either England, Ireland or Scotland.  It seems likely that many of the boarders may have been recently arrv emigrants from the three foreign nations mentioned.

1850-51 through 1852-53:     William A. Abrahall, boarding house, 2 Lewis St


Beg. in 1853-54 there are no more NYC street directory listings for William, but it is kwn that his death on 12/6/1855 occurred @ New York Hospital.



Section 5                   Isabella Batt Abrahall of Westminster (part of Greater London)

An Isabella Abrahall (c.1774-1854) is kwn to have lived in Westminster from 1841 until she died there.  Conjecture:  she & her husband, James, who evid. died prior to 1841, were related to William Andrews Abrahall in some way.


Birth date & place:                                                                                ---  c.1774 in Ireland

Source:                         1841 & 1851 Eng censuses include an Isabella Abrahall as a resident of the household of Charles Fossett, tailor, at 76 Regent St, Westminster. Isabella listed as Charles’ mother-in-law; birthplace Ireland; age 67 in 1841 & 77 in 1851.   


Baptism date & place:


Marriage date & place:                        --- in 1800 @ St. Anne’s, Soho (Gr. London)

Source:                         Pallot’s Marriage Index 1780-1837 records the marr of Isabella Batt & James Abrahall “of St. Anne’s parish;” wit- 

                                                nesses Joseph Davis & ___?___ Batt                                      

Children born to James Abrahall & Isabella Abrahall included:                          

                                                                (1) Ann, bapt 1801 @ St. Anne’s, Soho

Source:        Pallot’sBaptIndex 1780-1837 lists James & Isabella as Ann’s parents

                                                (2) Isabella, born c.1814 in Westminster

Source:             1841 & 1851 Eng censuses list this younger Isabella as the wife of Charles Fossett (birth yr determined via ages listed in censuses).  As noted above, her mother, Isabella Abrahall, is listed in the same two censuses as Charles’ mother-in-lawso it’s assumed but not confirmed that the mother-in-law was Isabella Batt Abrahall, & if so, the younger Isabella’s father was James Abrahall.


Death date & place:                         --- c.March 1854, St. James, Piccadilly (Westminster)

Source:            Isabella Abrahall’s death recorded in “England & Wales B/M/D,”

                              vol. 1A, pg  254  (Jan/Feb/Mar quarter)


Data supporting conjecture

(1) in 1855 in NYC, William’s son, Samuel John Abrahall, & Samuel’s wife, Anne Waite Abrahall, each of whom had kwn ties to Westminster, named their firstborn daughter Isabella; (2) Anne Waite Abrahall’s father, George Waite, had been a tailor in Westminster as early as 1817 (see Section 6) & could have kwn or even worked tog w/ Charles Fossett, also a tailor in Westminster (born c.1807) & the son-in-law of Isabella Abrahall, who lived in his household for @ least 13 yrs prior to her 1854 death in Westminster; (3) when in 1820 George Waite marr Martha White @ St Martin’s in the Field, Westminster, they were “both of this parish” – i.e.,  residents of Westminster; (4) in 1823 Mary White, very poss a relative of Martha White Waite of Westminster, marr William Andrews Abrahall at St. Luke’s, Old Street, Finsbury; (5) in 1837, the yr before they emigr to the US, the two children of William & Mary White Abrahall – Samuel John & his younger sister, Mary – were bapt at St. James, Piccadilly, the same parish in which the 1854 death of Isabella Abrahall is recorded.   

Section 6                                 London Street Directory Data & Related Information

In January 1993, during a week-long stay in London, I was able to visit the Guildhall Library over a period of 3 or 4 days.  I decided to devote a substantial portion of my time there reviewing late 18th & early 19th century London street directories.  My rationale for doing so:  most of them would not be easily found or accessible in the US.  Mainly I looked for Abrahall, Waite & White surnames, & I recorded w/ them whatever other info was in each listing.  I brought home a rather sizeable amount of street directory data (especially, though not surprisingly, White surname data).  Of course I yearned to take advantage of my proximity to the rich collection of other Guildhall resources as well – & my time was limited – so there are undoubtedly directories there other than those I was able to peruse – & because my data was assembled in great haste, it is probably not as accurate as I would prefer.  Nevertheless, I have what I belv may be some helpful info.


(1) William Andrews:  Reasoning that my forebear William Andrews Abrahall might be the namesake of someone in Grtr London w/ the name William Andrews, I included for awhile in my street directory review a search for individuals with that name.  As I expected, there were a great many William Andrews listed! – which led me to terminate that element of my research rather soon – but not before I found one listing that captured my attention & continues to intrigue me.  This is so because of my awareness that William Andrews Abrahall evidently spent “some years” as a schoolmaster in Flushing, Queens County, NY prior to the final period of his life in Manhattan as an “oil dealer” and boarding house operator.  For what it may be worth, here is the intriguing listing:


Pigot Directory pub 1826:    William Andrews, academy for gentleman boarders,

    Bohemia House, Turnham Green, Chiswick


(2) Waite & White neighbors in Westminster In Holden’s Triennial Directory for the years 1817 through 1819, both a Waite surname & a White surname are listed on the same Westminster street (Milbank) – George Waite, tailor, & John White & Son, timber merchants.  It’s kwn that in 1820 George Waite marr Martha White, also of Westminster, at St. Martin’s in the Fields Church in Westminster.  Conjecture:  did neighborhood proximity play a role in generating the relationship that led to the wedding of George & Martha – who was perhaps a daughter of either John White or of his son, or in some other way related to them? 


These addl listings supplement the 1817 thr 1819 Waite & White listings immed above:

Robson 1819 & 1820:  George Waite, tailor 76 King St, Westminster  

Holden 1822 thr 1824:  George Waite, tailor, 3 Milbank St, Westminster

Pigot 1826 thr 1828:     George Waite, 76 King St, Westminster

Pigot 1832:                     George Waite,            ---ditto---

Robson 1833 thr 1835:  George Waite, 10 Church St, Westminster


            Robson 1822 & 1823:   John White, upholsterer, Prince’s St, Westminster

Kent 1824 thr 1826:      John White,                 ---ditto---

Kent 1826:       another John White & Son, timber merchants listing, but this time

                                                    w/ Cannon St. replacing Milbank St as the address 


Section 6 (continued)                London Street Directory Data & Related Information

What follows is a summary of info about (1) addl White listings I found that it seems to me may have some kind of relationship to the family line extending backward via Mary White Abrahall, given her assumed Finsbury tie; & (2) all of the Abrahall listings I found.  The footnotes beg. immed following the listings attempt to explain my reasoning. 



Andrews 1789 & 1790:  James White, linen & woolen draper, 177 Bermondsey St         *

Holden 1816 & 1817:   White & Wilson, wine merchants, 42 Cross St, Finsbury

Holden 1816 thr 1819:  Joseph White, coal merchant, 7 Old Street Rd (Finsbury?)


Johnstone 1817 & 1818:  A(lex) White & Son, brass foundries, 40 Tabernacle Walk,

Robson 1819 & 1820:    A(lex) White & Son,  ---ditto---                             Finsbury

Robson 1822 & 1823:  A(lex) White & Son,                ---ditto---

Pigot 1822 thr 1825:    A(lex) White & Son,                 ---ditto---

Kent 1824 thr 1826:    A(lex) White & Son,                 ---ditto---


Robson1822&1823: James White, oil&colourman; tallow chandler; 56 Old St,Finsbury

Pigot1826 thr 1828 &Robson1830: JamesWhite,tailor&linendraper,56 OldSt ,St Lukes. *

      ---perhaps James chgd professions betw the Robson listing & the Pigot listing – or

             was one of the James listed a father & the 2nd a son, both at the same address?


Pigot 1826 thr 1828 & Robson 1830 &1831:     J.C. White, merchant (general), 5 Cross St, Finsbury Square – in the Robson directory “Jno. Charles” follows “J.C.”

Robson 1826 thr 1829:   J. White, brewer, Luke St, Paul St, Finsbury

Robson 1829:                 Edwin White, bedstead maker, 59 Old St, St. Lukes 



Holden’s Triennial 1805 thr 1807:  S. Abrahall, boot & shoemaker, Wandsworth          **

P.O.London 1812 thr 1817:John Abrahall, lace manufacturer, 34 Noble St, Falcon Square

Kent 1818:                           John Abrahall,                        ---ditto---     

Kent 1824 & 1825:  Abrahall & Co, linen drapers, 29 Henrietta St, Covent Garden         *

Holden 1825:            E. Abrahall, mercer, 29 Henrietta St, Covent Garden                            *

Robson 1829 thr 1832: Bennet Abrahall, conveyancer, 9 New Boswell Court, Carey Lane Robson 1833 & 1835:          R. H. Abrahall, barrister, 9 Boswell Court, Lincolns Inn  


*  Involvement in the same trade or profession can generate interaction, friendship & even kinship between indivs or fam grps.  Thus, perhaps the Abrahalls who were “linen drapers” & a “mercer” at Covent Garden in the mid-1820s interacted w/ James White, the “tailor & linen draper” in Finsbury during the same period -- & the interaction helped foster the 1823 marriage of Mary White & William Abrahall at St. Luke’s, Old Street, Finsbury.  The “linen & woolen draper” James White listed in the 1789 & 1790 directories might even have represented an earlier generation of the later James White’s family line located in Finsbury.  Of course, perhaps Mary White was related in some way, too, to one or more of the other Whites I found listed in Finsbury. 

Section 6 (continued)     London Street Directory Data & Related Information


**  If the Covent Garden individuals are not members of William Andrews Abrahall’s family lineage, perhaps he can be linked to one of the others in the listings under “ABRAHALL” – that is, to either (1) “S”, the boot & shoemaker; (2) John, the lace manufacturer; (3) Bennet, the conveyancer; or (4) R.H., the barrister.  With regard to “S”:  given 19th century social structures & conditions, I understand your doubt that a future teacher (or, in William’s case, schoolmaster) could have emerged from a household environment where the primary source of income was a shoemaker’s.  It may be, of course, that expectations here in the US re the credentials of educators, including the heads of schools, in the early decades of the 19th century (when William apparently qualified for such a position in Flushing) might well have been lower than those within Great Britain.  Whatever the case, I’m adding below my synopsis about individuals named Samuel Abrahall evidently living in Grtr London during the time period William Abrahall & his son, Samuel John, also lived there (my search for Samuel Abrahalls was prompted by awareness that the given name of an eldest son was often the given name of his grandfather).  Here’s the synopsis:


In Pallot’s Marriage Index 1780-1837, a Samuel Abrahall is recorded as marrying one Sarah Blackford at St. James, Westminster (i.e., Piccadilly) in 1797. It is conceivable that this Samuel could be the “S. Abrahall” listed in the 1805-06-07 street directories as the boot & shoemaker in Wandsworth, Surrey.  But I think it’s more likely that the Wandsworth fellow is the same Samuel Abrahall, age 68, who’s listed in the 1841 Eng census as a shoemaker living along the London Road in Merton, Surrey