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The Story of Local 9544 

The NYSNA Staff was previously represented by Unite Here (Local 19) up until 2010 when, due to internal conflicts, Unite Here filed a letter of disinterest.  This left the NYSNA Staff unrepresented and having to review the options.  The NYSNA Staff chose to organize with the United Steel Workers (USW). Prior to the certification election being held, the Employer (NYSNA) sent letters to each staff member notifying them of drastic changes in their terms and conditions of employment.   

Representatives of NYSNA Staff informed the Employer (NYSNA) of this decision and requested recognition of the Union by the Employer.  This request was refused and the Employer insisted that an NLRB certification election be held.   

The NYSNA Staff were not deterred by any tactics and the certification election was held in 2010.  The NYSNA Staff overwhelmingly voting YES to USW! 

Bargaining for a new collective bargaining agreement (CBA) lasted for over one (1) year with very little progress.  During most of the negotiations the NYSNA Staff kept the facts regarding the bargaining confidential and did not let it interfere with representing the NYSNA Members.  It was reluctantly determined that there was little choice left, but to STRIKE!.  This was due to the fact that the Employer would not reinstated the previous terms and conditions of employment that the Staff had under the Unite Here Local 19 CBA.  The STRIKE lasted for just three (3) days (Saturday, Sunday and Monday) as the Employer finally agreed, in June 2011, to reinstated the terms and conditions of employment that are currently in the USW Local 9544 CBA. 

In the Fall of 2011, after the USW 9544 CBA was ratified, the internal conflict within NYSNA had most of NYSNA Leadership on administrative leave, with many being eventually terminated, the NYSNA Staff fought along with the membership to maintain NYSNA Benefits and NYSNA Pensions for the members during this period.  Strike votes were held at the BIG 4 and agreements were eventually reached for so many open contracts.  Agreements that did not “giveback”, and also improved terms and conditions of the NYSNA Membership.  The NYSNA Staff continued to act professionally and kept the organization on track. 

The terms and conditions contained in the USW Local 9544 CBA is a cummulation of the many benefits that have been enjoyed by the NYSNA Membership and were hard bargained by NYSNA Staff over decades.  These current terms and conditions were hard fought and won on behalf of NYSNA Staff.  We would never think of letting any NYSNA LBU give up their hard fought benefits and we, USW 9544, deserve to maintain and move our terms and conditions of employment forward too.

USW Local 9544 Terms and Conditions of Employment Include;


Post Probationary discipline

A grievance and arbitration procedure


Sick Leave

Personal Days

Vacations Days (20 days, 25 days after 5 years of employment)

Staff Development monies

Tuition reimbursement for college

Experience Steps

College Degree Differentials

A defined workday and work week

Meals times and breaks

Reimbursements for work related expenses

Car Allowance




“If we do not represent ourselves, then we have
no right
representing others.”





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